It’s almost time for Messrs. Wright, Pegg and Frost to bring their Blood and Ice-cream trilogy to a close with The World’s End.

The final instalment of the trio of films, which began with Shaun of Dead and continued with Hot Fuzz, centers itself around a pub crawl to end all…well, all. Pegg and Frost are joined by Rosamund Pike, Eddie Marsan, Paddy Considine and Martin Freeman as a group of friends reunite to relive their boozy glory days just as an apocalypse falls out of the sky.

We’ve seen a number of trailers and posters come our way in recent weeks but this is best look yet at what we have in store. When Wright, Pegg and Frost get together it’s always an enjoyable time and with the UK release date brought forward to the 19th of July there’s not long to wait until we can raise our glasses one final time.

Here’s your trailer,