Hugh Jackman - The Wolverine PremiereThis evening, Ben Mortimer and Colin Hart were on the red carpet for Hugh Jackman’s latest Wolverine movie this time called ‘The Wolverine’. Ben spoke to Producer Hutch Parker who spoke about wanting to please the fans more in this Wolverine movie than the last using Director James Mangold. Ben asks about whether these movies are being made now in a way that will please fans to keep them as true to the comic as possible.

We also hear about his views on the franchise being made into an expanding universe. When asked about this Hutch replies:

“Yes, part of what makes this a unique world is it is a universe. It’s not one character where once you work through the permutations of that character you’ve kind of run out. The beauty of the X: Men, it is a world, it is a culture. It is a collection of individuals of feeling alienated and trying to find their place in the world. There’s sort of an limitless reservoir of people and individuals you can tap and explore as they deal with that. I think you’ll see that probably more fully in X-Men: Days of Future Past than we’ve ever done before and it opens a lot of pathways for the future in terms of the franchise.”

We also hear about his views on the cross overĀ  Pietro Maximoff / Wanda Maximoff as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver characters in the The next Avengers movie and how they feel about working with these same characters in two different movies.

“I feel good. The temptation is to make hay out of that but at the end of the day you’ve got two incredibly talented filmmakers making interpretations of iconic mythic characters and as a fan, that’s only good. The more I get to see really talented artisans create and render characters I love, I think the better. It further enhances the richness of what has become the comic book universe and it’s legitimacy in mainstream cinema so I’m thrilled.”

Ben also spoke to Wolverine himself Hugh Jackman who talks about coming back to the character of Logan / Wolverine and what it was like shooting in Japan. We also hear how long he feels he can play the role and where he thinks his character may go in the next X: Men movie. Ben also talks to Director James Mangold who talks about how they ‘rebooted’ this franchise to give make it darker and how this movie comes after the rest of the films we’ve seen and Ben tries to find out if Fox have asked him back for another film….!

All the interviews will be appearing as and when they are edited below.