The-Wind-Rises-sliceHaving recently wrapped an Oscar-qualifying run in New York and LA, the first US trailer has now debuted for Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises, which the legendary filmmaker has said will be his final film as a director.

The latest in a long line of hugely popular Studio Ghibli movies, The Wind Rises opened in Japan over the summer, and is set to open wide in the States early next year. The studio is maintaining its relationship with Disney, who are handling its distribution in North America under the Touchstone Pictures banner, and will no doubt be giving it a big push for the Oscars.

This new trailer, launched via Deadline, is the first domestic trailer for its stateside release, following the subtitled Japanese trailer that landed over the summer.

This decade-spanning epic from maestro Hayao Miyazaki is his most unique films to date, inspired by the true stories of Jiro Horikoshi, visionary designer of one the most beautiful airplanes in history — the famed Zero fighter — and the poet Tatsuo Hori, whose verses are brought to life by the vivid animation of Studio Ghibli.

Hideaki Anno, Miori Takimoto, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Masahiko Nishimura, Jun Kunimura, Shinobu Otake, and Mansai Nomura lead the original voice cast, and the American-English voice cast is expected to be announced soon.

Miyazaki directs from his own script, based on his own manga of the same name. The manga is in turn based on the short story by Tatsuo Hori, which is based on the life of Jiro Horikoshi, the designer of the Zero fighter plane used in World War II.

The Wind Rises (Kaze Tachinu / ????) will begin a limited release in the US on February 21st, 2014, before expanding a week later on February 28th. Still no word yet on a UK release date, but here’s to hoping it will be arriving here early next year as well.

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