As we type this, The Walking Dead’s panel is currently taking place in San Diego. Thank goodness for the internet though as AMC (the American cable network who air the series on that side of the pond) have released the season five trailer at the same time as it was shown at the annual event.

It’s a violent and brutal first look at the returning series, and is quite literally an explosive preview!

What does it tell us about season five? Well, we get confirmation that the residents of Terminus are indeed cannibals, though Rick and his fellow survivors do seem to come to some sort of agreement with them. It looks set to be an uneasy alliance, and seeing how the two groups interact promises to be very interesting.

However, one of the biggest reveals in this trailer for season five of The Walking Dead is the fact that Beth is alive and well and…in a location that even the most die-hard of comic book fans won’t recognise!

AMC also announced that The Walking Dead will return in the US on October 12th. Based on past experience, that means we should expect it to debut on Fox around the 13th. What do you guys think about this new trailer?