American channel AMC’s TV adaptation of popular zombie comic book series, The Walking Dead, has scored a massive coup by getting famed movie poster artist Drew Struzan to create this image (an exclusive from Ain’t It Cool News) for a presentation at Comic-Con.

If you haven’t heard of Struzan by name, you’ll certainly be well aware of the truly iconic (primarily eighties) film artwork he created. He was responsible for the posters for Back to the Future, Big Trouble in Little China and The Goonies, to name but a few.

Frank Darabont, one of the creatives behind The Waking Dead adaptation, previously tapped the artist to design the poster for The Mist (even using some of Struzan’s work within the film itself) and he’s clearly created a memorable image once again here – a refreshing change from the amount of photoshopped-heavy posters out there.