HeyUGuys goes gaming then eh? The internet finally fulfils its remit for a trans-media all-inclusive party, and we can rejoice in clicking around a single menu bar instead of those pesky tabs at the top of the screen. Hooray for progress!

Firstly, hello to you all. My name is Emmanuel Brown and I’m the current editor/owner of 7outof10.co.uk, along with writing far too many videogame reviews for various other sites. I should probably state that I’m a huge fan of HeyuGuys, and also that I’m Dave’s old college roommate; the one that used to badger him for hastily-networked games of Unreal Tournament at 2am. Whilst Dave’s primary passion may have eventually turned to film, mine remained fixated with glowing pixels and awful scriptwriting (insert your own Michael Bay joke here), and videogames still dominate every ounce of my spare time. That’s a sentiment I’m hoping more than a few of you out there will share as this new section takes form, and please do let us know!

That videogame week that was… and what will be
Busy week then. In case you somehow missed it, Tuesday saw the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, complete with customary high-profile Activision party at Battersea Power Station. Although predictable praise has followed from most media outlets, I’d recommend taking a look at the excellent RockPaperShotgun singleplayer review for balance, and also at Eurogamer’s insightful piece about why anybody should actually care about those monstrous sales figures. Turns out it’s about the death of tabloid videogame violence stories, which no doubt this man will be upset about.

Microsoft’s motion-based incrimination magnet Kinect also hit with a bang, but that wasn’t all. Sneaking in somewhat under the radar, Sony launched their partnership with LoveFilm – allowing PS3 users to download an integrated XMB app that gives free access to a streaming library of thousands of films, provided they have an unlimited-based subscription. Personally, having watched my girlfriend incessantly flicking through the kids films section for the past few nights, I’m somewhat in two minds as to whether I should ‘accidentally’ remove it or not. Perhaps I should direct her to Mubi instead, which also lit up the PS3 XMB early last week.

Elsewhere, pigs finally flew as Sony nailed a release date for Gran Turismo 5. Wiith November 24th only a few weeks away, it’ll be difficult for them to wriggle out of this one as they did the last; or the one before; or the one before that. Of course with the revitalised and rather excellent Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit heading our way next friday, they might even have a battle on their hands for chart supremacy this time round. Let’s have a look at what else they’ll be up against:

Videogame releases for week ending November 21st:

Apache – Air Assault – PS3, 360 – Activision – 19th November
Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – PS3, 360 – Activision – 19th November
Blood Drive – PS3, 360 – Ubisoft – 19th November
Create – Wii, PS3, 360, PC – Electronic Arts – 19th November
EA Sports Active 2.0 – Wii, PS3, iPhone – Electronic Arts – 19th November
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 – 360, PS3, DS, Wii, PC – Electronic Arts – 19th November
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit – 360, PS3, PC, Wii – Electronic Arts – 19th November

As the final big release week before Christmas, that’s not too bad a haul. Assassin’s Creed and NFS will certainly tide most folk over, and even Potter – on recent form – might be worth a look.

In speculation from near-earth-orbit, Hollywood rumours are also flying that Mark Whalberg has signed on to play the role of Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie; a role that seemed destined to go to Nathan Fillion, given that they’re basically one and the same person. Rather more interestingly, the same rumour mill has speculated that Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro are reuniting in the same project. Answers on a postcard as to exactly where they’d fit in. De Niro for Jake Sully perhaps? I’d pay to see the moustache any day.

Finally, and quite possibly in frustration at that very news, this man threw a light fitting into his brand-new television.

Beware motion gaming, it will break you.