The trailer for the action-packed supernatural heist thriller, The Vault, has arrived starring James Franco and Clifton Collins.

The trailer follows James Franco, who looks like he is bearing the world’s problems on his shoulders, suited and booted as assistant bank manager Ed Maas as he assists The Dillon sisters as they embark on a heist of the bank in which they get a whole lot more than they bargained for.

Filled with tension building music, meandering along the long dark corridors of the basement of the bank, in which holds the big money lays a spooky and sinister secret, laden with the chilling laughter of children and an equally chilling shadowy figure the desperate ladies of the heist just might not get out of this one alive.

The Vault stars Francesca Eastwood (Outlaws and Angels), Taryn Manning (Orange is the New Black, 8 Mile, Hustle & Flow), Scott Haze (Granite Mountain, Midnight Special), Q’Orianka Kilcher (The New World) with Clifton Collins Jr. (Pacific Rim, Star Trek) and James Franco (127 Hours, Rise of the Planet of the Apes) and is directed by Dan Bush (The Signal) and produced by Tom Butterfield and Luke Daniels.

The Vault

The Vault is released into UK cinemas September 8th.

The Vault Official Synopsis

In order to save their Brother Michael’s life, the Dillon sisters, Leah and Vee have organized a bank robbery, but when the upstairs vault doesn’t have enough money to cover Michael’s debt, on the advice of Assistant Bank Manager Ed Maas, they drill into the downstairs vault. But the bank’s basement hides a terrible secret and before long, the Dillon’s have to choose whether to face the police outside or the terrible supernatural forces in the vault below.