The-Underwater-RealmThe Underwater Realm is an independent film project that will be launched in full on YouTube on Christmas Day.

Shot almost entirely underwater, the ambitious project has released a rather impressive trailer, giving us a great look at what we have to look forward to in just under a week’s time.

“The Underwater Realm is a series of five short films set and shot almost entirely underwater. They tell the story of five times throughout history when mankind has come into contact with an ancient race of people living beneath the sea. Reaching back across over two thousand years of our history, The Underwater Realm is truly one of the largest and most ambitious indie film projects ever completed in the UK. Having already completed principal photography, the films are currently undergoing advanced post-production processes.

The Underwater Realm is the creation of Realm Pictures; a group of  independent film makers working from their home county of Devon. They have been helped by the assistance of over 100 volunteers from across the country. It has taken two years and has required the volunteers to tackle overwhelming challenges, develop innovative technology and run shoots in a variety of challenging  locations. The Underwater Realm is an entirely non profit, voluntary project, demonstrating the very best of the UK’s emerging film making talent.”

David M. Reynolds (Zomblies) is at the helm, directing from a script he co-wrote with Rosie Claverton and Jonathan Dupont.

And starring in the five short films from across the ages are:

  • 2012: Lauren Ashcroft, Dan Richardson, and Diane Townsend.
  • 1942: Andy Torbet and Jenanne Redman.
  • 1588: Jamie Matthews, Frederick Roll, Alan Neal, James Wagner, Ray Delamare, Mike Hall, Geoff Murby, Darren Murphy, Adrian Swain, Venetia Maitland, Jessica Blake, Beccy MacEnri, Josh Ockenden, Miro Papay, Alex Mackie, J-P Berry, Cullum Austin, and Gareth Lawrence.
  • 1208: Harriet Moran, Jon Campling, Duran Fulton Brown, Graham Dack, Rory Wilton, Haakon Smestad, Nigel Barber, Conner McKenzy, and Alex Corbet Burcher.
  • 149BC: Amanda Piery, Daan Verhoeven, Daniel Nehme, Gordon Alexander, Sam Still, and Patt Bauristhene.

The Underwater Realm will be released online in full on Christmas Day. So if you’re looking for something ambitious and innovative to see out this year with after a nice meal next week, this looks like quite a promising bet.

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