City of Dreamers is a quietly impressive film, showcasing some excellent musical talent but alloying it to an interesting narrative and quirky but endearing and realistic characters. You can have a look at my review here and see what I made of it.

Jump Start Productions have now put a trailer together and as I understand it, are trying to get City of Dreamers onto the 2012 festival circuit. If there is any justice in the world they will succeed in that venture, as it is a joyous and engaging film, but of course it is a competitive market place out there.

City of Dreamers showcases the music of Ellen and the Echo (among others), wrapped around the tale of Rose finding her way in a new city. The trailer below gives a good sense of the music of the film, though there is a load of charm and wit contained in Rose’s encounters with the various residents of Brighton for which you will have to track down the finished film.


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