Whenever I put up a post, you’ll notice 99% of the time I will put in the actors starring in that movie and it’s director. Every so often I’ll mention the producers but what we sometimes forget are the hundreds if not thousands of other people involved in the movie making process whether they’re extras, assistant producers, editors, musicians, special effects artists……. the list goes on.

Action movies couldn’t be made without the professional stuntmen and women and now, in a world where health and safety has gone mad, we need them more than ever. It’s their job to make the movie los as real as possible but making sure no one gets hurt.

Our friends at Upbeat got to meet Stuntman, Ben Dimmock (who was Matt Damon’s stunt double) and Stunt Coordinator, Andy Smart who both worked on Matt Damon’s new movie, Green Zone. In the video, you’ll get to see how they prep the fight sequences, explosions and car chases for a movie like Green Zone.

Green Zone is released on DVD and Blu Ray this Monday. Click here for your chance to win the blu ray.