It’s no secret that we can’t wait for The Social Network to hit our cinemas, the conspiracy of talents both behind and in front of the camera make this a must see, and now there’s a second teaser to whip us into a media frenzy.

The last teaser trailer was an exercise is less is more marketing, and was all the better for planting the seeds of desire in our minds for a better look at the film* and now we’ve got something a little more visual.

The twin talents of director David Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin are bringing us this one and it will very interesting to see the two distinct creative ideals work together, and the fact that newly crowned Spider-Man Andrew Garfield is in the mix with Jesse Eisenberg and Rashida Jones  can’t hurt either.

Here’s the trailer, but there’s an air of caution blowing around. This was previously to be found on The Playlist, but it has been taken down by Sony. Fan-made trailer? Leaked version? Whatever the truth is – it’s pretty cool.

UPDATE – it’s official. And still pretty cool.

*after seeing Inception yesterday I’m convinced that everything is an agenda based missile aimed straight at my subconcious.