Out today is The Shift, which stars Neal McDonough, Sean Astin, Jason Marsden, John Billingsley, Kristoffer Polaha and Elizabeth Tabish. It was written & directed by Brock Heasley for Angel Studios, who have had such incredible success with Sound of Freedom. Heasley and the other interviewees talk about Angel’s way of producing films, and how Sound of Freedom and The Shift are perhaps signalling a turn in the road in how Hollywood makes its movies.

Linda Marric asks the questions. The Shift is released today.

The Shift Interviews


In this modern-day retelling of Job, Kevin Garner (Kristoffer Polaha) embarks on a journey across worlds and dimensions to reunite with Molly (Elizabeth Tabish), his true love. The narrative unfolds as a dystopian drama and sci-fi thriller, where a mysterious adversary, The Benefactor (Neal McDonough), disrupts Kevin’s reality. Faced with infinite worlds and impossible choices, Kevin must navigate through an alternate reality, resisting The Benefactor’s tempting offer of wealth and power. As survival hangs in the balance, Kevin fights to return to the familiar world he cherishes and the woman he loves.