Grossing over $473 million worldwide, earthquake disaster movie San Andreas was an unexpected hit, but the news that a sequel is in the works still comes as a massive surprise.

Neil Widener and Gavin James are writing the script for the movie, and star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is expected to return alongside Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario, and Paul Giamatti. Brad Peyton meanwhile is going to direct, and Beau Flynn will produce.

Specific plot details are currently being kept under wraps, but are you ready to see The Rock take on a volcano? Well, the San Andreas sequel will apparently put the spotlight on the Ring of Fire, a circle of earthquake causing volcanoes which surround the Pacific Ocean!

The wrestler turned actor took to his Instagram account tonight to share his thoughts on the news, and it definitely sounds as if he’s excited to squeeze the movie into his crazy schedule.

Cool news you made #SanAndreas Warner Bros’ biggest hit of 2015 and our sequel is now underway. Going global. Focusing on the infamous and real #RingOfFire. The ring circles the Pacific Ocean with fault lines and volcanoes – and according to scientists – is home to 90 PERCENT of the worlds’ earthquakes. With the research we’ve already done its mind boggling how massive the #RingOfFire truly is. We’re assembling an awesome team of filmmakers to raise the bar, raise the stakes and deliver something to you that’ll be unforgettable. As always, I’ll keep you posted…

With any luck, we’ll hear a lot more about these plans for the San Andreas franchise soon!