The Quiet OnesThe reinvention of Hammer over the last few years has been quite something to watch. With some solid choices, not least the first post-Potter outing for Daniel Radcliffe in The Woman in Black, it seems to be emerging as a studio worthy of its heritage. Each new Hammer outing brings with it a heightened excitement and tonight’s premiere for their latest film is no exception.

The Quiet Ones has an interesting take on the age-old tale of an unexplained ghostly attachment to a young woman in that the supernatural spell cast in this particular horrorshow is man-made. The man in question is Professor Coupland, played by the wonderfully talented Jared Harris, and he leads a team of students to try and create a poltergeist using the negative energy of one of his patients.

the quiet ones premiere

This looks like being a great addition to the Hammer lineup and Ben Mortimer and Colin Hart were on hand this evening to interview the cast and crew of the film for the UK Premiere. You can see their interviews below.

 Sam Claflin

 Jared Harris

 Simon Oakes, Hammer CEO

Director John Pogue

Olivia Cooke (spoilers in this interview)

Rory Fleck Byrne

More interviews will be added throughout the evening.