This is really not good news at all. TMZ are reporting that HeyUGuys favourite has died of an overdose at the age of 38.

Haim shot to fame in the 1987 movie The Lost Boys and it was his relationship with fellow LB actor Corey Feldman which followed him through his life.

They were poster boys of the 80s generation, and teamed on License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream and while they both returned in an easter egg at the end of The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe the lasting memory most of us will have of Haim is as one of the Santa Carla Vampire Hunters.

Haim was recently seen in Crank: High Voltage and there was always a solid foundation of nostalgics who would keep an eye on his career, and most of those people were no doubt looking forward to the next two Lost Boys movies, no matter how bad they would have been it would have been great to see those two back together (albeit on different sides…).

I had this same feeling during the John Hughes Oscars Tribute, and we’ve discussed it on our podcast, when someone dies – someone who inspired us on some level to love film as much as we do – it will always affect us deeply. No matter where Corey Haim’s career went after The Lost Boys the fact that we loved watching him in that film, a film which made up part of our childhood, will always stay with us. Their work, even one great film we loved, will stay with us and that’s to be celebrated.

And yes, our views on him may be clouded with nostalgia, but I’m fine with that and I know I’ll be watching The Lost Boys again tonight.

Here’s a scene from the original..

And another from the sequel (Spoilers ahoy)