Back at the end of March, HeyUGuys were invited back over to Belfast to visit the set of Disney’s The Lodge during the filming of the second season of the hit Disney Channel TV show. We had the pleasure of a complete tour of the set of the show that garnered the Disney Channel their highest rated series debut in the past four years as well as time with members of the cast for a chat.

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At the end of the first series, The Lodge left us on a major cliffhanger, Skye (Sophie Simnett) found herself torn, having to choose between Ben (Luke Newton) and Sean (Thomas Doherty) with both boys receiving that all important text, Danielle (Bethan Wright) let her jealousy subside for a brief second to persuade her mother to let the outside gig go ahead but soon reverted to her old ways when she broke Skye’s Mum’s Guitar to reveal the map hidden inside and Kaylee (Jade Alleyne) left a heartbroken Noah (Jayden Revri) behind as she went off to the City Music School.

The Lodge S2

Watch the interview below with Jade, Jayden, Mia and Josh in which they took some time out from filming to answer a few questions.

What we can reveal after speaking to the show’s producer, Raymond Lau, is that you don’t have to wait too long to learn of Skye’s decision, even though we accidentally found out while on set we can’t reveal who it is, but we think she made the right decision!

The Lodge BTS

As well as extending the second series from ten to fifteen episodes, The Lodge has a brand new face joining the cast in the form of Mia Jenkins, having previously starred in Eastenders and Casualty, The red haired Mia will play Alex, a ‘tomboy’ who comes in to “shake things up a bit”. Music will still take centre stage amongst our multi-talented staff of The Lodge with another 12 original songs, not only that but a whole host of drama too.

Whilst on set we got to speak with all of the cast, watch the interview below with Mia along with Luke and Bethan on what to expect from the upcoming Series 2.

Lau went on to tell us that there is a major threat to the future of The Lodge which shakes the foundations of the story to its core with The Attic playing an integral part of the second season and low and behold, Skye has joined the boys in their outdoor activities and been in training to also become a mountain biker.

The Lodge Attic

We had some fun in a quick fire round of questions with Sophie, Thomas, Luke and Bethan outside The Lodge.

As mentioned, while on set we got the chance to speak to the cast about the new series and what to expect as well as discussing Descendants 2 with Thomas Doherty and Mum’s List with Sophie Simnet. You can watch all our interviews right here.

The Lodge Series 2 returns to The Disney Channel June 9th.