Jaimie-AlexanderAs we count down the days until The Last Stand hits cinemas across the UK (our review here and interviews from the UK premiere up here), much of the attention is being directed at a certain Arnold Schwarzenegger taking on his first lead role in a decade – yet one of the stars of the piece is Jaimie Alexander, and we were fortunate enough to speak to the talented actress ahead of the films release.

Alexander takes on the role of Sarah Torrance, an inexperienced police officer called into action in her small Southern town of Sommerton Junction alongside sheriff Ray Owens (Schwarzenegger), to fight against the drug cartel leader and fugitive Gabriel Cortez (Eduardo Noriega) on his bid to cross the border into Mexico.

Alexander – who plays Sif in Thor – tells us of her enjoyable experience working with Korean filmmaker  Jee-woon Kim, despite him having to direct through a translator, while also letting us know what it’s like to be around Arnie on set. She also discusses filming Thor: The Dark World in London, and how the much awaited sequel is coming along.

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