What if a single song, an unmistakable melody, an unforgettable sound – could
take you back in time, literally? Harriet (Lucy Boynton) finds music imitating life when she
discovers beloved songs shared with her former boyfriend can take her back to the scene
of the moment, giving her a second chance to twist fate. While she relives the past
through romantic memories, her time traveling collides with a burgeoning new love
interest in the present (Justin H. Min). As she takes her journey through the hypnotic
connection between music and memory, she wonders – even if she could change the
past, should she?

We spoke to Lucy Boynton (Miss Potter, The Pale Blue Eyes, Chevalier, Barbie) Justin H. Min (Rebirth, After Yang, Shortcomings) and director Ned Benson (The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, Black Widow) about their best musical memories and the transformative nature of music.

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