The Girlfriend Experience

Heading into its third season, The Girlfriend Experience is one of the most unique shows on TV, each series so different the last. This latest series, helmed by Anja Marquardt (She’s Lost Control) is arguably the most ambitious to date, particularly from a visual perspective, and so needless to say we were thrilled to speak to the director, as well as the show’s leading star, Julia Goldani Telles.

Be sure to watch both interviews in their entirety below, as we discuss where this new season has headed, and on their respective research into not only the world of sex work, but also the tech scene in London. And of course we talk about how helpful Steven Soderbergh was during this project, as it turns out the exec producer still lends a hand to a show he holds very dearly.

Watch our interview with Julia and Anja here:

Julia Goldani Telles

Anja Marquardt


The third instalment of the anthology series is set amidst the London tech scene. Iris, a neuroscience major begins to explore the transactional world of The Girlfriend Experience, only to find herself deep inside the uncanny valley with the relationships she creates. Iris quickly learns that her client sessions provide her with a compelling edge in the tech world and vice versa. She then begins to question whether her actions are driven by free will, or something else together, and heads down a deep path of exploration. Julia Goldani Telles (“The Affair”) takes the lead as Iris in this season.

The third series of The Girlfriend Experience is available now on STARZPLAY