The Deepest Breath

Few films this year have stirred us quite as much as Laura McGann’s profoundly moving documentary The Deepest Breath, which launched on Netflix this Summer. Recently we had the pleasure in speaking to one of the talking heads from the film, actor and free-diver Kristof Coenen.

For us audiences, and please note there are spoilers incoming – but we watch the film and we we witness the death of someone we only just met, and yet it hurts, we grieve the life of a man we got to know across then course of the documentary. But for Coenen, he lost a dear friend. In this poignant conversation he talks about sharing his very real grief with strangers, and how to begin with that wasn’t such an easy thing to make sense of. He talks about watching the film back, how it marks the legacy of his friend Stephen Keenan, and his memories of the friendship he has lot. He also talks about the glowing reaction to the film, and on his own career, and why he believes people risk everything for the thrill of free-diving.

Watch the full interview with Kristof Coenen here:


A free diver trains to break a world record with the help of an expert safety diver. This film follows the paths they took to meet at the pinnacle of the free diving world, documenting the rewards and risks of chasing a dream through ocean depths.

The Deepest Breath is on Netflix now.