Despicable Me is coming out next week (Friday, 15th October to be exact) and while I was watching the trailer for the movie again recently, I got hooked on the ‘does this count as annoying’ bit  of the trailer by character Agnes (voiced by Elsie Fisher) and it made me laugh so much! It got me thinking that maybe we could do a feature on the cutest and creepiest kids in movies.

Since Despicable Me is an animated film, I’ve gone down the line of animated for the cuties and live action for the creepies! Have a little look down the list and then feel free to let me know who I’ve missed in the comments section below.



Does this count as annoying?!

Agnes (Despicable Me)

Lets start with Agnes since she’s the inspiration for the post. She’s cute and you just want to squidge her! We don’t know masses about her as yet other than the fact she had rather big cheeks and wants to slap them!

Cute quotes:

  • Does this count as annoying?!


I may look cute but nothing scares me!

Monsters Inc.’s most fearless character has to be Boo who throughout the entire movie, doesn’t seem phased by anything. Whether it’s being intimidated by giant monsters or by travelling through a maze of endless doors!

Cute quotes:

  • Mowki Kowski.


Squirt (Finding Nemo)


OK, he’s not a kid so technically doesn’t fit in this category but we don’t care, as there’s no denying that he’s the cutest turtle in the ocean!

Cute  Quotes:

  • Good afternoon. We’re gonna have a great jump today. Okay, first crank a hard cutback as you hit the wall. There’s a screaming bottom curve, so watch out. Remember: rip it, roll it, and punch it.
  • Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!


I'm not afaid of dust bunnies

Just look at her, how can you deny that she’s one of the cutest kids in animated film?! Miyazaki’s talent for creating beautiful, dreamlike worlds and populating them with vivid characters is legendary and little Mei is a curious child, coping with her family’s difficulties with the help of some peculiar and equally cute creatures.

Wide-eyed, fearless and full of life, she is one of Miyazaki’s many charming creations, she makes us feel childlike again.

Cute Quotes:

I’m not afraid of dust bunnies! (erm…. OK!)


My best friend is an Iron Giant - is that normal?!

I’ve had a good old think and decided that good old Hogarth should make an appearance. Why’s he cute? Well, having the name Hogarth for a start! His best friend turns out to be an Iron Giant who is also a little bit cute – isn’t he?!!

Hogarth is also cute after doing his best to hide the giant and giving him lots of metal objects to eat as well as teaching him to speak! He’s probably the outside of the group but I think there’s a lot of love out there for him!

Cute Quotes:

  • He’s a giant robot. It’s a little undignified.
  • Welcome to downtown Coolsville! Population: us.
  • You are who you choose to be! (darn right!)


Look at me like that again and I'll kick your butt!

Jack-Jack is only a tiny little baby but don’t let that fool you. He’s not to be messed with. Blessed with super powers that he’s acquired from his parents, Jack-Jack could kick your butt whenever he wanted to. If you’ve not found them yet, check out the extra features on The Incredibles DVD where we get to see exactly what happened to Jack-Jack when he’s left with his babysitter in a short called Jack-Jack Attack!

Cute Quotes:

  • (About Jack-Jack) Violet: We act normal, mom! I want to *be* normal! The only normal one is Jack-Jack, and he’s not even toilet trained!


Ponyo (Ponyo)

Can someone take this Tesco shopping bag off my head please!

This entry can also include S?suke, the small boy Ponyo befriends in another of Miyazaki’s masterpiece from Studio Ghibli. The transformative power of love is central to this charming fairytale whose magic and imagination is matched by the wonderful characters who lead us through the trials of a little child of the sea who wants to become human.

Miyazaki’s talent for creating engaging young characters are honed to perfection here and if you don’t fall in love with Ponyo then you truly have no heart at all.

Cute Quotes:

  • Ponyo loves Sosuke!
  • Ponyo wants ham! (of course she does!?)


Was my name chip before I was a cup?! If so, am I missing my nose?!

Again, technically not a kid in the movie BUT (spoiler warning) becomes one at the end and was originally a child therefore is completely allows in this feature! Chip is one of the reasons this story ends well, without him, the Beast would have been The Beast forever!

Cute quotes:

Chip: Are they gonna live happily ever after, Mama?
Mrs. Potts: Of course, my dear. [Gives a contended sigh] Of course.
Chip: [pause] Do I still have to sleep in the cupboard?



OK, now we move onto the creepy kids and this is where it gets rather interesting! Again, let us know who we’ve missed in the comments below!


Danny Lloyd (The Shining)

"I think i swallowed a fly!"

If this kid doesn’t freak you out then no one will! He rides a bike around his house, his dad coined one of the most famous horror movie phrases of all time ‘Here’s Jonny!’ and he freaks me out every time I see him!

Creepy Quotes:

  • Redrum. Redrum. Redrum.
  • You mean they ate each other up?
  • His dad says “Here’s Johnny!” – obviously he may grow into that one day!

What else is there to say?! Creepy!!


"Erm, excuse me Bruce, I seem unable to stop seeing dead people!!"

Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment – The Sixth Sense)

When you think of creepy kids in movies, Cole Sear aka Haley Joel Osment isn’t too far down the list from his performance in  The Sixth Sense! It’s probably not his faul;t that he’s so freaky in this movie but when you read the scary quotes, you may understand why! I mean, when you grow up seeing dead people walking around wherever you go or get shut in cupboard with them at the local bullies birthday party, you know you’ve got problems! Or even while eating your cereal and watching every single cupboard door and drawer get opened while you’re trying to enjoy your coco-pops isn’t a really what i would call, ‘good times’!

Creepy Quotes:

  • I see dead people!!!!!!

I don’t think we need any more than that – creepy!


Damien (Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick – The Omen 2006)

"You'll pay for making me have this haircut!!"

He watches people while they sleep and has what looks like an upside-down bowl has been placed on his head when in fact that is his haircut! Damien aka Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick  does a fantastic job in the 2006 version of The Omen of freaking the heck our of everyone watching with his pure freakishness! Because of all those different ways of saying freaky, he goes in the list!

Check out this image of him at the premiere of the movie, he even looks freaky here! Shouldn’t someone have told him he could break character once the cameras stopped rolling?!

Creepy Quotes:

  • Did I scare you, Mommy? I didn’t mean to. (he blatantly did!)
  • They’re afraid… (too right they are, look at your haircut!)


"Please please please can I get rid of these stupid pig-tails?!"

And from one freaky-ass hair cut to another. She may look all sweet and innocent in this image but no, those pigtails tell a different story! Emily Callaway  played by the sweet and innocent Dakota Fanning in Hide & Seek might be all nicey nicey on the outside but on the inside she’s creeptastic! The quotes tell us all we need to know!

Creepy Quotes:

  • Emily: It was Charlie. (LIES!)
  • Emily: You’re gonna make him mad.
  • Emily: Can you see now, Daddy? (That you’re a creepy character?! Obama said it best – YES WE CAN!)


Sadako (Inou Rie – Ring)

"If only I didnt have this blasted fringe!"

It’s obviously something to do with haircuts. Here’s the third in a row with completely physcho hair. I mean, do you think if they got it cut it might make them that little more appealing?! Maybe not in the case of Sadako aka Inou Rie from Ring (1998). This is the movie that spawned American remake, The Ring and few years later and Sadako does her best to freak you right and and does a great job doing it! I mean, she crawls out of a television for Pete’s sake! What’s not creepy about that?!

Creepy Quotes:

  • Well, she doesn’t really say much…. just crawls out of TVs but we still give that a 10/10 on the creepy scale!


Kayako (Takako Fuji – The Grudge)

"Does my face look creepy with all this makeup on?! Ummmm.... yes, it does!"

Quite possibly the freakiest movie I’ve ever seen has to be The Grudge. Why’s it freaky? Well, just look at that flippin image on the right and it tells you all your need to know! The quote section for Kayako akaTakako Fuji will be rather short since there are no words spoken by this scarily twisted and uber creepy little girl, all she does is make some sort of clicking noise off camera which scares me half to death every time I watch it – the solution to my problem, don’t watch it!

Unlike her friend above, she doesn’t have a fringe or at least no one that we’d want. All she needs to do is grown it out a bit and it could hide that terribly scary face! Alternatively, removing all that white makeup could assist her in making more friends rather than scaring them half to death….. and then killing them!

Creepy Quotes:

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (tranlates to clickkkkkkkkkk clickkkkkkkkkk clickkkkkkkkkk or something like that!)


Ray Boyd (Jonathan Lipnicki – Jerry Maguire)

"I look really cute, but have you seen that film Benjamin Button? I'm actually 90 years old!!"

OK, thought I’d end on a controversial one! Most people would argue that Ray aka Jonathan Lipnicki from Jerry Maguire deserves to be in the ‘cute’ category bit there are a couple of reasons why he can’t go in there.

  1. He looks a little bit like an old man which is just weird!
  2. He says the ‘f’ word (see quotes) and any 4 year old (or however old he was in the movie) that says the ‘f’ word, can’t go in the ‘cute’ category!

Ray may look cute on the surface but he’s a devious little chap who knows when mum is coming and going. He knows exactly how long he can sit on the sofa with Jerry (Tom Cruise) shooting the breeze before mum comes back in from the kitchen. You watch it next time you see Jerry Maguire, that kids has a sixth sense (see above for Cole Sear) and cannot be trusted!

Creepy quotes:

  • D’you know that the human head weighs 8 pounds? (how would he know that if he wasn’t creepy?!)
  • D’you know that bees and dogs can smell fear? (see above!)
  • D’you know that my next door neighbor has three rabbits? (he’s never seen them, he just knows!!)
  • Ray: You said f**k. / Jerry Maguire: Uh… yeah… I…  / Ray: Don’t worry. I won’t tell. (of course he wont, Creepy little chap!)


So there we have it, the cutest and creepiest kids in movies! I’ve obviously missed hundreds of them so tell us in the comments below who are your favourite cutest, and creepiest kids in movies!!