Barely a handful of weeks separate Scott Pilgrim from his World and there will be a huge geek contingent baying in the darkened cinemas around the world when Edgar Wright’s latest hits the screens.

All signs so far point to a positive reaction from fans of the Bryan Lee O’Malley comic odyssey and the numerous posters and trailers know exactly how to sell the film.

Part of the marketing campaign which has really trodden all over the internet are the various remixes which Director Edgar Wright enlisted some pretty impressive artists to take the music and footage from the film to create seven videos for the film.

One has appeared each day for the last week and we’ve collated them here for you Pilgrimites to lap up.

Remix 1 – Prepare

Remix 2 – Hey

Remix 3 – Love

Remix 4 – Ramona

Remix 5 – Fight!

Remix 6 – Yeah!

Remix 7 – What?

These remixes all debuted on separate sites, Prepare at Empire, Hey arrived at UGO first, It was Love at first site over on AOL,  HitFix debuted RamonaMetaCafe got the drop on Fight, ComingSoon said Yeah! when they unveiled their remix and JoBlo said What? earlier today.