The recently released trailer for Colombiana put many in mind of a sequel of sorts to Producer Luc Besson’s 1994 Leon with its familiar theme of parental murder and subsequent revenge thrills and director Olivier Megaton’s eye clearly has learned a lot from Besson.

There’s a new poster is the offing tonight and it’s a pretty decent image, the tagline doing in words what the trailer’s shots of a lithe Saldana kicking ass in her underwear did so often.

The film is looking likely for a September release in the US and beyond. Saldana is more than capable of stepping out of the supporting spotlight she’s been in so far, and the trick will be giving us something to care about in this tale, let’s hope that she’s not the unstoppable killing machine some lazy genre films seem to turn their heroes and heroines into.

Here’s your poter, go wild.


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