To celebrate the release of Something In The Water, the new thriller that hits UK shores this week, we had the pleasure of chatting with the cast and director as they take the big plunge.

When Meg (Hiftu QuasemTen Percent) attends the wedding of old friend Lizzie (Lauren LyleOutlander) with fellow pals Cam (Nicole Rieko SetsukoEavesdropping), Ruth (Ellouise Shakespeare-HartOne Four Three), and former partner Kayla (Natalie MitsonThe Larkins), an emotional reunion turns into an epic battle for survival in the Caribbean.

Chatting to the cast of ladies and director Hayley Easton-Street we talk about the challenges of shooting on water and why so many filmmakers have said never to do it, being in the water and the endurance of it, the female friendship at the centre of the film, the shark hunting them and what it really represents, the brilliance of S-Club 7 (you’ll find out when you watch it) and much more in-between.

You can watch our interviews below:

Something In The Water opens in UK cinemas on June 21st.