To coincide with the release of The Bigger Picture, a new short film available to watch for free on YouTube, we sat down with star and producer (and HeyUGuys fan!) Robert Sheehan to chat about his new endeavour.

An avuncular, mesmerising presence in everything he does, Sheehan chats to us about doing something different this time out, capturing a moment in time between a couple and their split all in a single shot. And while the film is only 10 minutes long, Sheehan tells us about how it feels so much longer given the dialogue and way the film is shot and how liberating, and scary, it all was.

He also spoke about his plans to produce a feature film in the next year (COVID depending) as well as his enjoyment of playing Klaus in The Umbrella Academy and the impending Season Three…

A single moment in time. A guy and a girl, recently split up from a long-term relationship get back together for one night. But love and loathing form a precarious mix for these young lovers as they navigate the rough terrain of life.

You can watch the full interview below:

The Bigger Picture is available to watch on YouTube now.