Music producer The ATG has returned with his latest full-length album called Demon Time following his work for the film ‘Trap City’ starring Brandon T. Jackson, Clifton Powell and G.V. Prakash Kumar.

Having been inspired by a number of genres throughout his early career including classical music, The ATG’s latest collaboration with Chicago rapper, Lil Reese, is gaining traction in the UK.

The fast-rising subgenre of drill music, which found its origins on the streets of Chicago several years ago, has made its way to the UK’s musical scene, with the cultural significance of the movement gaining traction in the film business.

The young record producer’s newest album, Demon Time, features a track-list full of ominous yet energetic bangers. With an already impressive career behind him that speaks for itself, The ATG’s latest collaboration showcases his distinctive style flavoured with avant-garde gothic overtones. Some of ATG’s inspirations include Dr. Dre, Mozart, Metro Boomin, and even Bernard Herrmann. This eclectic collection of influences is surely heard in the production throughout the album.

ATG’s new full-length album, which includes 10 songs, showcases both Lil Reese’s tenacious voice in conjunction with ATG’s eerie soundscapes. Gaining attention with UK fans, the album raises the profile of Lil Reese and The ATG’s discography.

And following the launch of Demon Time in the UK, The ATG is set to announce his next collaboration with some of Detroit’s top upcoming rappers and artists in the anticipated release of the Detroit Cinematic Album, which will be available for listening later this month.