Never did I think I’d see the day when Robin Williams, Megan Fox, William Fichtner, Josh Duhamel, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal and British ex-footballer come movie star Vinnie Jones, all appear in the same movie together…. Well, I guess they still haven’t really but they do all appear in this new trailer for The 84th Academy Awards or the Oscars as they are more commonly known.

We’ll be staying up all night as we usually do to blog the event as it happens and we’d love you to join us. It’s set to take place on Sunday February 26th at 7pm EST 4PM PST and that I think means coverage will being from midnight GMT but that will probably be red carpet arrivals and all the build up with the actual ceremony starting after that.

Anyway, here’s the trailer named ‘Off the grid’ that will blow your mind as much as it did mine!

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