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heyuguys movie quiz logoWelcome to the inaugural HeyUGuys Quiz of the Week.

Each week we’ll be abusing movie posters and posing questions about the week’s events as well some of our favourite films, all in the name of fun and the dubious pursuit of knowledge.

There are no prizes to be won, just a sense of pride and a warm satisfaction that you know stuff about movies.

The answers are on the last page, so no peeking ok? Let’s get to work.

Round One: News This Week…

1) JJ Abrams’ Star Trek sequel gained two new cast members this week – can you name them?

2) Which actor who found fame in the 80s will be on ITV’s Dancing on Ice this year? (You get a bonus point if you can answer why…)

3) This week we had our first look at the main villain of the forthcoming Men in Black 3 – the latest installment of the sci-fi thrillogy (seriously – why has no-one used that word before?) – who’s the man behind the beard?

4) The following still is taken from the first trailer for the film Upside Down from Juan Solanas, name the couple locking lips.

upside down

5) A film was released this week. I have hinted at it with this mocked up picture below which has the lead actress removed.

Daily Mail critic Chris Tookey called the film ‘jaw-droppingly misconceived’, The Telegraph’s Robbie Collin wrote ‘It begins with a playful shot of a bottle of milk’ and IMDb user judyb418 yelled ‘Campfest!’.

There are clues here – take a guess at the film’s name why don’t you?


Bonus question – Barbershop Quartet of Horrors

6) The following actors all appear a film which was in (and out) of the news this week. Name the film and for a gold star tell us what all the fuss was about.

quiz quartet 1

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