Netflix has released a new trailer for its psychological sci-fi thriller Tau starring the voice of Gary Oldman as a robotic AI.

Directed by¬†Federico D’Alessandro, the film also stars, It Follows, Maika Monroe and Deadpool’s Ed Skrein.

Monroe plays a young woman living in a futuristic city who gets kidnapped and injected by a mysterious stranger and psychotic inventor played by Ed Skrein.

She wakes up strapped to a chair in a strange house run by the artificial intelligence Tau. The inventor gives her a choice: do as the house says, or die. She attempts to escape by befriending the A.I. program that controls the house.

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The film is released on June 29

Tau Official Synopsis

Kidnapped by an inventor who uses her as a test subject to perfect his robotic AI, a street-smart young woman tries to escape her high-tech prison.