kill bill 3Tarantino is renowned for setting his films in his own personal Tarantinoverse, giving us the Vega Brothers in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction and Alabama from True Romance is discussed in Reservoir Dogs as hooking up with Harvey Keitel’s Mr White. It’s a novelistic trait among other favoured by Tarantino which gives his cinematic world tangible depth, and its a pretty cool trick.

No surprise then that in a recent appearance on an Italian TV programme Tarantino discusses returning to Kill Bill once again. There’s been a lot of talk of an anime film, echoing the awesome sequence of the origin of Lucy Liu’s O-Ren Ishii which would be an interesting turn for Tarantino. There is evidence from Tarantino himself that he wants to return to the world in 15 years to pick up the story of the daughter of the Bride, B.B.  being hunted by Nikki, the daughter of Vernita Green, who witnessed death of her mother at the hands of The Bride.

I’m all for another Kill Bill film, and if in a couple of decade’s time we get another volume of the Kill Bill saga I’ll be happy.

Check out the interview here, via /Film.