Championed by The Duplass Brothers and buffeted across the festival circuit by some ecstatic reviews Sean Baker’s Tangerine finally opens in the UK next week and we’ve got a clip from the film for you today.

The film is often introduced with the excited proclamation of its filming equipment (the revelation is quite startling so you can have that experience when you see it) but at its (large) heart it is a colourful, emotionally caustic comedy.

A Christmas Eve prison release for trans sex worker sets off a hunt for her cheating boyfriend, while an Armenian cab driver is riding around with something festive on his mind – the stories collide with wit, charm and more than a little colour.

This is a subversive film in more ways than one, and it can be caught when it opens in UK cinemas on the 13th of November. You can read our review here.

Here’s the clip,