Austin, TX – ‘Caught Inside’ an Australian thriller about a group of surfers trapped with a manic thug out at sea, offers eye candy of surfing and fit bodies, but few thrills.<

The story of a ‘Guys Only’ surfing trip, turned pleasure cruise when one of the men brings along two ladies, becomes some what of a made for TV soap opera on a boat. Tension between the parties starts immediately, fighting for the affections of a single girl, leading to jealously, and ultimately violence at the hands of the thug called ‘Bull’, played Ben Oxenbould.

A believable setup that soon becomes difficult to believe, as the crew are powerless to do anything about him.  Bull’s sudden change from likable storyteller, to brash psycho suddenly takes place, like the flip of light switch, and the groups lack of initiative in defending themselves from his extreme behaviour, is frustrating and unrealistic. (Victims in even the worst slasher films manage to put up a fight.)

Director Adam Blaiklock, creates a character that basically seemed unstoppable, that you throw believability right out the window. Though it is somewhat fascinating to watch the character of Bull unfold gradually amid the cowards he uses for his amusement, Bull seemed the most complex character of the cast. And while the film offers some wonderful shots of surfing, and of the open seas, moments of suspense are few and far between, it’s really about Oxenbould, and his portrayal of a crazy man.

Caught Inside screened at SXSW.