Supernatural is an American horror television series centred around the terrifying journey of the Winchester brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), who were taught to seek and battle mysterious spirits after their mother was killed by a demonic force years earlier.

To celebrate the release of Season 6, HeyUGuys were invited deep down into the London Tombs in an attempt to discover paranormal activity of our own. Admittedly, I couldn’t resist a bit of research into what the evening would entail and from what I could see the experience was guaranteed to bring excitement, horror, pulsing hearts and was certainly not for the faint of mind. To be honest, having always been a little sceptical when it comes to the supernatural, but not completely closed to its possibilities, I was both excited and nervous leading up to the evening.

On arrival (10pm) our group of around 9 were given a tour of the tombs, which was revealed to have formerly been  a plague pit. Each room was themed rather differently from dismembered limbs hanging from the ceiling, to freakish baby dolls, stuffed animals to a human centipede room. After this came a demonstration of the ghost hunting equipment we were to be using throughout the night, including Dowsing Rods, EMF meters, K2’s, Ouija Boards and Planchettes. Now, having become familiar with our surroundings and comfortable with the gadgets it was time to get down to business and find some ghosts!

With a small torch being our only source of light, in the otherwise pitch black room, we all huddled around a table with our index fingers slightly resting on top of the glass, looking on expectantly for any signs of movement. Nothing. Even with Jane’s (The Paranormal Expert) numerous attempts to summon the spirit, which included banging on the table, telling “Shadowman” to come forward as well as the infamous horror cliché “we are not here to hurt you” nothing could be seen nor heard. Not wanting to give in to the logical side of my brain which believed it all to be a hoax, I agreed to be used as ghost bait and was taken alone into a long dark tunnel. Maybe it was my desperate willing to see something, or that I’m lacking a sixth sense, or more realistically there was actually nothing there at all, but when Jane said I had walked through a spirit I was pretty sure it was just a cob web.

After a few hours of not much happening, the electric anticipation which once gripped our group was beginning to dwindle. There was a slight elevation when the glass began to move seemingly on its own but this soon diminished when it was revealed that a journalist (or possible covert worker) was indeed moving it himself. From there, the event became somewhat amusing. It was no longer engaging and despite being underground in a room filled with gruesome props, yawns were being exchanged. However, this could have possibly been due to how late it was.

At around 2am we finally gave up and Jane put it down to it being an “inactive” night, needless to say I have my doubts. With the hope of witnessing turning tables, conversational Ouija boards and visible figures but seeing nothing of the kind, it was hard not to feel a little cheated. I’m a firm believer of trying everything once but in this instance, I’d rather leave the Supernatural seeking for the television show, which has proved to be a much greater success.

Supernatural Season 6 Complete and Supernatural Season 1-6 Box Set are out 7th November on DVD and Blu-ray.

The Supernatural Event at the London Tombs was hosted by Haunted Happenings.