Superhero Me may not be a film that you’re familiar with but I assure you, once you see it, it won’t be a film that you’ll forget! It’s the brainchild of Steve Sale, a Sound Engineer (turned Superhero!), and follows his quest to becoming a superhero. You may have come across the movie as it premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival earlier this year.

It first came to my attention when a friend of mine (James Prescott) mentioned that he was going to be in a movie. He told me that the movie was mostly shot around where we live, in Sutton / Epsom in South London. It was around the time when Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass was released in the UK, and since we were massive fans of the movie here at HeyUGuys, it was a movie I was very much looking forward to.

Synopsis: Gotham City was patrolled by Batman; Metropolis was swooped on by Superman, and now the Great British towns of Sutton and Epsom can call on their own real-life superhero! A costumed crime fighter by the name of SOS has launched a crusade to uphold good on the streets of the two slightly less glittering towns. This fly on the wall documentary follows film maker Steve Sale on his journey to becoming the real life superhero known as SOS. Enlisting help from comic book experts, martial art instructors, and other real life superheroes such as Master Legend from Florida and Entomo from Italy, we discover what it takes to become a real life costumed crime fighter.

This is “Kick Ass” for REAL!

Superhero Me begins with Steve talking to his friends and family about what a superhero actually is. During an interview with his parents, we get to find out what Steve was like growing up and whether or not he had any superhero tendencies! After researching superheroes for some time (oh and learning to fly!!) we get to see Steve create his own superhero seeing him go through various creative processes to get the name and the right outfit. Enlisting design specialists and costume designers and through masses of research on the Internet, SOS is born!

This hilarious mocumentary sees Steve travelling across the world to meet other real-life superheroes who fight crime for real and scour the globe for others who are already doing what he has set out to do. Travelling down to Brighton, he’s able to meet a superhero band called Justice Force 5 (check out their website here) who make it their mission to scourge this world of all evil! Possibly my favourite part of the movie is seeing Steve dressed in full SOS gear approach some policemen while they’re making an arrest to ask them if they need a hand. This alone had me in stitches and the reaction of the police is just brilliant!

Max respect has to go to Steve’s wife who, the day after their wedding, let him travel to the US to meet another real-life super hero based on the rough streets of Florida where he does his best to help as many people as possible. This movie doesn’t just focus on the fun side of this quest but also on how the movie affected Steve’s personal life too, and I think that the way it’s shot in its documentary style works really well.

Bear in mind that Steve made this movie from scratch. The entire thing was his idea and he edited the whole thing together himself and in my opinion should be very proud of himself. I don’t think that Superhero Me intended to come out when Kick-Ass did but the timing couldn’t have worked better. If you want to see a movie inspired by one man’s quest to find out the truth about the life of a superhero then you have to watch Superhero Me. I absolutely loved it and I know you will too.

Superhero Me is on DVD NOW – buy a copy here! Check out the official Superhero Me website here.