Paul Walker’s tragic death resulted in the Fast & Furious 7 being delayed until this year to allow director James Wan time to reshoot parts of the movie by bringing in the actor’s lookalike brother for key scenes.

The movie is now only a few months away however, and a new TV spot has been released to coincide with the Super Bowl. It features plenty of new footage from Fast & Furious 7, with the highlight an amazingly over the top and epic sequence featuring a car smashing through one building, and then into another!

Since the release of Fast Five in 2011, the franchise has gone from strength to strength and is big earner for Universal Pictures. The tragic passing of Walker obviously had a huge impact on this instalment, but it has since been reported that his character will be given a fitting send off in the seventh Fast & Furious movie.

We also heard not too long ago that there are plans for at least three more Fast & Furious movies, with the studio hoping they can bring Justin Lin back to shoot a trilogy which would bring the series to and end.

Of course, given the success of the franchise, you can’t imagine it staying gone for long, and a reboot with a new cast would undoubtedly follow. Regardless, check out this new look at Fast & Furious 7 below!