UPDATE: It seems there’s a new TV spot out in the wild! Check out Finn and that llightsaber, as well as a new look at Rey. Snoke’s voice is slightly changed, more metallic perhaps? And listen to that John Williams score – ah, it’s good to have it back!


Fresh from revealing new looks at the Light and Dark sides of the Force Empire have a couple of new images from the production of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the new issue of their magazine.

The subscriber cover is a handsome portrait of rotund droid, and sure-fire merchandising prince, BB-8 while the other two images show off John Boyega’s deserting stormtrooper in and out of his First Order gear.

As with most of the images and footage seen so far these are believed to be from the early part of the film, and focus on the new characters in the Star Wars universe. JJ Abrams seems intent on not showing us too much, only giving us pieces of the puzzle as to what perils our new favourites get into early on in Episode VII.

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Here are your pics,

Star Wars The Force Awakens New Pics Star Wars The Force Awakens New Pics Star Wars The Force Awakens New Pics