We reported here on some of the thoughts from JJ Abrams and his Star Trek writers as to where the sequel to their highly successful reboot might boldly go. Now Badass News say they have had confirmation from an “inside source” that the villain of the piece will not be Khan, who was the¬†antagonist in the current high water mark of the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

With Abrams and his writers having very cleverly shifted the time line of Star Trek away from all we knew from the original series and subsequent films, in a sense it is open season and they can pretty much take the sequel wherever they want to. Apparently though, they will not be revisiting Khan.

This makes sense, in so far as rehashing Khan would feel derivative rather than fresh and smacks a little of trying to rework a past triumph for the sake of being safe, when they should really be aspiring to break new ground. Having said that, Badass News then go on to say that their source is pointing to the reviving of a foe or character from the original series of Star Trek and in fact goes so far as to name a shortlist.

Given Abrams usual determination to keep his cards close to his chest, it seems unlikely that such a list would be allowed to leak, but you never know. Maybe Abrams’ security forces are all focused on Super 8 and let Star Trek slip out of the back door.

If you follow this link through to Badass News’ article, you can see a summary of each of the characters possibly in line for the reboot treatment and the prospects of each of them actually making it onto the big screen. Then pop back and let us know below who you think it should be.