It seems only yesterday that I begged my poor mother to take me to Toys ‘R’ Us back in the late 80s to collect what would be my first ever Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle action figure. We joined the queue of other 10 year olds desperate to get our hands on a character figure. The doors opened and we were escorted into the shop by a security guard and told not to run. The hype for these characters was simply insane!

We approached the aisle where the Turtles sets and were instructed to only take one turtle each. This was the demand for the toy of the year and it wasnt long after in 1990 when the first movie for this new phenomenon was released. Now, 24 years later, Producer Michael Bay has brought what turned out to be one of my favourite toy / movie franchises of all-time back to the big screen!

Bay has assembled a cast which includes Megan Fox, Noel Fisher, Alan Ritchson, Pete Ploszek, Jeremy Howard, Will Arnett, William Fichtner, Whoopi Goldberg and Johnny Knoxville to bring the franchise to a new audience and I can’t deny that I am extremely excited to see what they’ve done with it.

What ever happened to my Turtle action figures? Well, my mother kept them and now my two sons play with them every week! It’s the circle of life in this crazy world of humanoid Ninja Turtles!

Ninja Turtles hits UK cinemas 17th October. Check out the trailer for the movie below.

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