There’s a load of buzz surrounding M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie, Spilt, starring James McAvoy and The VVitch’s Anya Taylor-Joy. The new horror film deals with the abduction of three young girls and the true identity, or identities, of their captor.

There is a particular reason exactly why this is causing such a stir in the horror community, and notably in the circles of Shyamalan fans (Shyamafans?), however unlike other movie sites we want you to find out exactly why that is when you go in and see the film for yourselves.

The cast is rounded out by Betty Buckley, Jessica Sula and Haley Lu Richardson, and if you’re curious there’s a fine trailer out in the wild, giving you an idea of the acting masterclass we’re due to see from McAvoy.

Shyamalan’s career has moved in unexpected directions since his astonishing ascendancy with The Sixth Sense. Following his dalliance in sci-fi with The Family Smith in After Earth and the live action anime The Last Airbender Shyamalan served up a very neat return to the horror genre with The Visit. Using the found footage trope to tell the story of a very unusual family reunion the director’s latest film takes a twist to the abduction thriller genre.

McAvoy’s twenty-three personalities are made much of in the trailers we’ve seen, however it is the emergence of the twenty-fourth that will propel the narrative along. Shyamalan’s command of visual storytelling has never deserted him, even when the stories he’s telling haven’t lived up to his earlier work.

With McAvoy and Taylor-Joy in the cast we’re guaranteed some fine performances, and with that extra little twist in the mix we may again be witnessing the return of Shyamalan as a director who once again makes good on his promise.

Split is released in the UK and the US on the 20th of January, 2017. Here’s the new movie poster.

Split Movie Poster