You may remember that back in January the internet went into a bit of a tizz over the news that Spider-man was set to cameo in Marvel’s The Avengers. While anyone who has since seen Joss Whedon’s money-magnet will know this to be a false alarm, a recent revelation has shown that such reports were certainly on the right track.

Instead of working together on inserting a character into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe it seems that the two studios were in fact collaborating on a specific building design. It is apparently claimed by production sources that Sony submitted designs for the OsCorp facility set to appear in the company’s upcoming reboot – The Amazing Spider-man – for possible inclusion in shots of The Avengers‘ Manhattan skyline.

Although the idea was ultimately scrapped as a result of timing issues, it does seem in keeping with Avi Arad’s recent comments that a future crossover was entirely possible (via Digital Spy). If the two studios are more than happy to share a building, then why not a character as well? Andrew Garfield certainly sounds game.

The Avengers is due for UK home release on September 17.

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