The set of Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot has been a rich source of news over the past few weeks, with contributions coming from both amateur photographers and Sony themselves. Yet with casting news seemingly long finalised and filming already under way, one memorable Spidey regular has been largely unmentioned. Who will be playing Peter Parker’s Daily Bugle boss, J. Jonah Jameson?

The answer, according to IGN’s “highly reliable” sources, is nobody.

Yes, although there were once rumours of either John Slattery or Sam Elliott taking on the role that J.K. Simmons played so wonderfully in Sam Raimi’s Spidey franchise, it now seems that there will be no enraged editors shouting at our hero this time around.

Yet The Daily Bugle itself will definitely be getting a mention, as recently published set photos demonstrate – so, what’s the deal? Well, with Webb’s reboot set to take things back to high school, it may simply be the case that Peter Parker’s working days are yet to come. This news, combined with the removal of both Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osbourne and the reinstatement of original comic book love interest Gwen Stacy, suggests we could really see Spider-Man really getting back to basics.

Webb’s reboot stars Andrew Garfield, Rhys Ifans, Emma Stone and Denis Leary. It is set to be released in July 2012.