It’s been a busy couple of weeks for superhero news, with Marvel’s upcoming outings seeming especially keen to tease us left, right and centre.  And they’re showing no signs of slowing down, especially not if a certain wall-crawler has anything to do with it.

With the first official look at Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man coming late last week, we’ve already confirmed the possibility of his artificial web-slingers, but what about those scratches on his costume? Well, with Rhys Ifans set to play Dr. Curt Connors, the current favourite villain is his alter ego, the Lizard; could his reptilian claws have caused the damage in question? LA’s finest amateur photographers are certainly hoping so.

With filming currently taking place in the City of Angels, every effort is being made to make the area resemble Spidey’s home town of New York, with nods to both the NYPD and Peter Parker’s local newspaper The Daily Bugle.  Yet it’s the new signs being put up near the Museum of Contemporary Art that are really interesting, hinting that sharp toothed animals may be in the vicinity…

Intrigued? Check out the pictures below, along with a new photo of Andrew Garfield (or his stunt double) running through traffic in full Spidey garb!  The film, directed by Marc Webb, and starring Garfield and Ifans alongside Emma Stone and Denis Leary, is set to be released in July 2012.