While we’ve had Sex and the City, it now it looks as though we can look forward to Sex on the Moon as well…only not really.

Ben Mezrich – who previously penned The Social Network’s source text ‘The Accidental Billionaires’ and ‘Bringing Down the House’ which inspired 21 – is busy putting the finishing touches to ‘Sex on the Moon’, his latest non-fiction tome due out in Summer.

The story, which doesn’t take place on the moon and has a decidedly unremarkable sex quotient, centres on Thad Roberts, an intern at NASA who one day decides to steal the moon rocks from one of the space program’s top security vaults. Enlisting his girlfriend and a third intern to assist him, what ensues is described in the press statement as “a madcap thrill ride of genius, love and duplicity”.

Promising an Ocean’s Eleven style mission impossible, Sony have already bought the screen rights to the book. Reuniting The Social Network’s  producers Scott Rudin, Michael DeLuca and Dana Brunetti with executive producer Kevin Spacey (who also starred in 21), Sony no doubt looking to emulate Columbia Pictures’ The Social Network’s success.

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