Less than a month ago we wrote up this story about Jamie Bell and Sony’s rebooted Spider Man, same title as this one – with pretty much the same story, but with one important difference – the name of the rumoured Peter Parker.

Now, I’ll do my duty and link to Blue Sky Disney who claim the scoop on the casting of Josh Hutcherson as the new Spider-Man, and there’s absolutely no reason to doubt them. Their track record is good and they even throw in a little hint as to who the villain of the film will be, (The Lizard in case you were wondering, and being not entirely au fait with the comic books I had to look here to find out who that was), and so we’re here again on the rumour merry-go-round waiting for Sony to say Stop.

Our good friend Edward Douglas from ComingSoon spoke to Hutcherson today and there’s a lot of pussyfooting around the issue of Spider-Man coming from the Man who would be Spidey, read all that here. He is careful with his answers, as he should be, and while a scoop is being claimed we’re still no closer to finding out who Marc Webb and Sony want to zip around high school in 3D for their reboot.

Until official word comes from Sony this one is a rumour, but there’s a healthy momentum billowing this one around the internet tonight.

With this and the endless casting rumours for X-Men: First Class, Captain America, The Avengers etc etc, I’m starting to think this is all part of the studio’s grand machination to buoy up their particular property while not a lot is happening, and also to try out their hopefuls by some basic market research.

Unless Sony turn this casting process into a Find Me A Spider-Man reality TV contest in which each hopeful has to suit up and screen test in front of a liveĀ  audience I feel that we’ll be getting used to those tenterhooks.

I feel like a pawn in their game.