Who says Brits don’t make good TV these days?

Actually, that’s not entirely fair. The video above isn’t a TV series. Yet.

Slingers Concept 1What you’ve just watched is a “˜sizzle reel’ for Slingers a proposed TV series dreamt up by freelancer writer and all round decent chap Mike Atherton (a.k.a Sizemore). The intention of it is to sell the concept to TV networks before making a full pilot. Given the buzz the clip has generated online that task has probably just become a little bit easier.

The sizzle reel feels a bit like a hybrid of Firefly and Hustle/Ocean’s Eleven, with a very British sensibility. There are certainly overtones of 2000 AD and Doctor Who in there as well.Slingers Concept 2

Those nods to British comics aren’t too surprising. Not only is Atherton a huge Judge Dredd fan, but he originally intended Slingers to be a comic. Fortunately for us, he is now working with production company Sleepy Dog and director Steve Baron to create a fully fledged TV series.

Slingers Concept 3Supporting Atherton et al. in their endeavours are Coren and Aaron Brownlee, who’s short film The Lamentable Saga of the Suicide Brothers was a highlight of this year’s London Film Festival. They’re responsible for the art you see here, as well as having had a hand in developing the concept with Atherton.

Slingers Concept 4

The aim is to film a pilot episode next year, and then create 20 more episodes to complete the first season. It’s not clear yet whether the series will be picked up by a European network, or an American one. Whoever it is, they would appear to have a sure-fire hit on their hands.

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