communitylivesonIt’s fair to say that no-one saw this coming…

Yahoo Screen (which up until this evening I don’t think I’ve ever heard a peep about) has picked up the favourite bastard child of NBC, Dan Harmon’s Community. It will get its six seasons after all, maybe the movie will be on the cards too.

Watching the series stumble and fall over itself has been difficult to endure. The expectations of its dedicated fanbase have been constantly teased and deflated since creator Dan Harmon was ousted from his kingdom for the fourth series. Then the departure of Chevy Chase and Donald Glover put the show on the critical list and then came the news of the show’s cancellation broke earlier in the year; watching the fan communities online go through the grieving process has been very strange – now that their beloved show is back from the dead let’s hope it was all worth waiting for.

An hour ago Harmon tweeted this:

And thus it came to be. Six seasons? Check. A movie? Well, that depends on Yahoo and you.