If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that Christopher Nolan is not solely a master of mystery pending the release of his films, but months after their actual release as well.

The enigmatic final scene of his latest blockbuster Inception has played on the minds of many following its release last July. With a strategically placed fade-to-black refusing to reveal whether Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dom Cobb had escaped his limbo, it was beginning to look as though we might never find out how Nolan has intended the story to end (at least not until the touted videogame spin-off). It was all looking very Lost. Enter Michael Caine.

If you, for whatever reason, would like to leave the mystery intact, look away now.

In an interview with Chris Moyles on BBC Radio 1 (via FilmTwats), despite attempts to limit spoilers for those who had not yet seen it, Caine told the nation exactly how Inception ended – as in Christopher Nolan’s actual ambiguity-free intent. For those who saw the ‘it was all a dream’ possibility as a bit of a cop-out, the actor has this to say to you:

“Its real life. If I’m in the scene then it’s real. I’m never in the dreams.”

So, there you have it. Does this revelation alter your view of the film as a whole? Let us know in the comments section below.