Last week, we ran a competition for a very special screening of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s new movie, Paul. What made it special I hear you ask? Well, to attend, your name had to be ‘Paul’ or a variation there of.

This evening, the special screening of the new movie (which doesn’t come out in UK cinemas until next Monday, 14th February) was held at the Prince Charles Cinema just off Leicester Square in London. Not only was the room full to the brim with Pauls (+ guests), but both Simon Pegg and Nick Frost made a special appearance surprising all of the crowd gathered ready to see their new movie.

We’ve got some photos from the event which you can see below. I wasn’t able to attend unfortunately for two reasons, the main of one them being that my name is Dave / David, Stuka, Stippy and variations on that – all I need is for someone to make a remake of the 1993 Kevin Kline movie ‘Dave’ and I’m sorted! Sigourney Weaver was even in it!

Check out all our coverage of Paul here including our review.

Also loving the fact my mate Paul Tanter is sat right behind Nick Frost! Great work Paul!!!