X-Men Fantastic Four

When HeyUGuys’ own Stefan Pape managed to catch up with X-Men: Days of Future Past producer and writer Simon Kinberg recently, he quizzed the man who is helping Twentieth Century Fox build their own cinematic universe on the possibility of seeing the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises crossing over.

Kinberg has previously said that the characters won’t exist in the same universe, mostly due to the fact that a world inhabited by mutants would make Josh Trank’s rebooted version of Marvel’s First Family a little less special as their powers wouldn’t seem that impressive when Wolverine and Magneto are out there!

Regardless, he does at least seem open to the idea despite the challenges which would come with bringing the X-Men franchise together with that of The Fantastic Four.

“Yeah, look, as Marvel have proven, anything is possible. There’s a challenge to The Fantastic Four and X-Men in that they don’t really acknowledge each other’s existence in their respective franchises right now. So there would be inherent challenges if it did happen, but anything is possible.”

X-Men: Days of Future Past is one of only a handful of comic book movies to be based on a comic book of the same name, and while fans are expecting to see various similarities between the two, Kinberg also promised that the same will also be the case for 2016’s X-Man Apocalypse.

“We take a lot of inspiration from the comics visually, there are a lot of nods to images from the original books. Apocalypse will have visuals from the books and we’re now starting to get in to the script phase. The intention is to shoot the film at a similar time and schedule as Days of Future Past, we’ll shoot it next Spring to be released 2016.”

That’s a little under a year to go until they start shooting, and it should be a lot clearer by then whether or not Bryan Singer will be returning to helm the follow-up as originally planned.

Whether these comments mean that we should expect Apocalypse to resemble his comic book counterpart remains to be seen, but now that we’ve seen the Sentinels on the big screen, it feels as if anything is possible for the big screen X-Men universe.

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