Significant Other

Significant Other arrives today on ITVX and is a moving comedy about two lost souls who find their ways into each other’s lives. To mark the occasion we had the pleasure in speaking to the aforementioned souls, chatting about the show, on Zoom, with Youssef Kerkour and Katherine Parkinson.

The talented duo sing each other’s praises as collaborators, while the latter even sings the praises of my own cousin (shamelessly dropped in, I know). They also chat about balancing comedy and pathos, and their inspirations and influences as artists.

Watch the full interview with Youssef Kerkour & Katherine Parkinson here:


Follows two neighbors at tough times of their lives: Anna, has grown to be apathetic towards love, and Sam, a recently separated father. In their mid-40s, they embark in romance following drastic life events that unite them.

Significant Other is now available to stream as a box set on ITVX.